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‘Gergedan Advertising’ has been producing and managing The Kultur Sanat Haritası (Culture and Art Map) which has become a brand in its field for 22 years. For the last 9 years, we have been preparing ‘Hot English Magazine’ as English education and culture magazine, books and 'Health' magazine on behalf of TOBB ETU Hospital both in Turkish and English. In addition to his numerous magazines, he has also been the creator of magazines such as ‘The Best’,’ Artı’, ‘Altın Kadın’ and magazines such as ‘My Fish’ and ‘Tadımlık’.

Since 2005, We have been publishing dozens of plastic arts, literature and scientific works under the title Mutlu Son Publications.

While Your Companian ‘Gergedan Advertising’ builds the bridge that will take you to the target;

  • Researches, Recognizes, Understands
  • Builts up a strategy
  • Generates creative ideas
  • Identifies the target audiance
  • Finds the way of communication
  • Captures the tone of communication
  • Tells
  • Reveals real news value in media communication
  • Provides effective and powerful media return
  • Creates awareness and appreciation
  • Makes a difference
  • Looks from all directions

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  • Visual communication design
  • Social media
  • Publishing
  • Media Communication
  • Brand Communication
  • Social responsibility projects
  • Media Purchasing / Media Planning
  • Interactive Media (Software, Web design…)
  • Photo and Video Shooting
  • Media & PR studies (solution partnership)
Media Services
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Visual Communication Design, Social Media, Publishing, Media Communication, Brand Communication, Social Responsibility Projects, Media Purchasing, Media Planning, Interactive Media, Software, Web design, Photography and Video Shooting, Media & PR works.