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About Gergedan Advertising


Gergedan reprutation - alias Rhinocerotidae, the largest animal species after the elephant, runs at a speed of 45 km/h, is agile, has developed a sense of smell and hearing, Rhinos remaining in the world are very few and are “miracle” for most countries!

Have you ever imagined what can be more stunning than a striking idea in the world of Brands. While creating strategies, illuminating your way in the darkness with creativity, always encountering an idea called new and sometimes impossible leads you to success in this colorful world of brands. Gergedan Advertising brings you to your destination in this dark and sometimes obscure marketing world. Because we smell good, we hear the distant sound, we run fast... Even though we are faced with extinction, we; "We bring a new life to brands and New Brands to life."

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Visual Communication Design, Social Media, Publishing, Media Communication, Brand Communication, Social Responsibility Projects, Media Purchasing, Media Planning, Interactive Media, Software, Web design, Photography and Video Shooting, Media & PR works.